Benefit Administration

We have the administrative support & services available to you if you should need and want them. We are a fee-based brokerage firm, unlike most firms that continue with the traditional carrier commission. What are you getting with a standard “commission” brokerage firm? Good question. You are paying a commission, which increases commensurate with every renewal increase, that bundles all the brokerage services whether you want or receive the service(s).

We specialize in the small to mid-market sector, so we will provide the service or services that any high-priced large brokerage may provide. Keep in mind while they may have services for much larger groups, their segment of expertise, you will be paying for them even though these services are rarely needed by employer groups of 20 to 1000 employees – our market of expertise. If you are looking for attentive, personalized services specific to your business needs, rather than a “name”, then we are for you.

Our menu of services include, but not limited, to the following:

Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) Administration

Alternative-funding strategies like a Captive are rapidly growing, due to ACA reform, government taxes, fees and mandated benefits, but may not be a viable option for various reason. If that is the case, they are ways to maximize cost reductions and/or savings with your fully-insured plan via a MERP. Statistics don’t lie. Most people will use their medical plan for more routine type services such as an office visit or lab work – few will use for the bigger expense services like a hospitalization, so why pay big premiums for the rich benefits, when you can offer the same rich benefit by implementing a MERP. L&K will show you how to significantly reduce your Full-Insured plan costs.

COBRA Administration

Why outsource when you can insource? We do full COBRA administration from initial notices to open enrollment and final COBRA termination letters in-house. You have enough vendors to work with so why not consolidate and save time and money.

Consolidated Billing & Reconciliation

Would you rather cut multiple checks to multiple carriers or just one to L&K? I thought so. Let us take the time to reconcile your monthly carrier invoices and provide you with one consolidated invoice so you can cut one check based on current enrollment. Let L&K take the time and hassle out of paying your bills.

Other Services:

  • Member Advocacy Support
  • Customized Employee Communication Materials
  • Enrollment & Tracking Services
  • Open Enrollment Support
  • Online Benefit & Enrollment Administration
  • Benchmarking/Surveys
  • ERISA Compliance
  • HIPAA Guidance
  • 5500 Preparation
  • Third-Party Administration Services