Craig Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

Craig W. Lewis, is a family man married to his wife Tricia for 30 years, and the father of three boys.Craig has since 1992, continuously worked in the Insurance and Employee Benefits business.  Having started his career with Northwestern Mutual, Craig found quickly that he enjoyed working with Employer clients helping them navigate the complexities of insuring themselves and their employees.

In 1993, Craig moved to the Baca Group where he was awarded the prestigious “Blue Vase” award, within his first six months with the company, for his efforts in helping clients with their estate and financial planning needs.  Additionally, in 1994 Craig was nominated by the CEO of Guaranty Mutual Life Insurance company of Omaha, NE and subsequently awarded the National Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in sales.

After 2 years with the Baca Group, Craig ventured out on his own and founded Employer’s Benefit Group in Sacramento, CA.  EBG, as it became known, specialized in small to mid-sized client groups and the aggressive use of technology in an effort to “accomplish more for our clients in less time.” Craig began working on a new Agency Management System he called CaseTrac.

In 1998 Craig was approached by Kelley & Swain, to become a shareholder and Director of the small regional firm.  Through his leadership the firm grew exponentially, and in 1999 Craig was selected by The Sacramento Business Journal as one of Sacramento’s 40 Under 40 “The Best and The Brightest.”

By 2003 in an article entitled “Employee-benefits firm adapts and grows” the Business Journal’s Kathy Robinson wrote “Kelley & Swain now has a wide reach nationally and annually writes premium of between $75 million and $100 million for more than 35,000 people working for 340 employers.   That’s a big jump from five years ago, when Kelley & Swain wrote $32 million in annual premium for 40-odd large employers with about 10,000 employees.”

Five years later, Craig and his remaining partners sold the company to a large competitor.  CaseTrac was chosen as the company’s system of choice for its entire statewide operation because of the efficiencies programmed into the system many years before.  “I learned a lot from those guys, some ideas I really liked and some I didn’t like.  Either way, I was really proud that my system and processes were chosen to run their organization.”

Three years later, Craig accepted the position of CEO for Stemler’s Insurance Agency, Inc. and made the decision to begin building a solid foundation for what he called “Concierge Service.”  Innovation and Technology are at the heart of Stemler, McTighe & Lewis, and this team is uniquely positioned to implement its vision throughout the western region of the United States.

Craig is AHIP Certified for Medicare Advantage and Part D and is a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist.